by successful Bristol entrepreneurs into locally-based businesses have created
a total spend in the city of just over £8 million and created 96 jobs in the
last two years. 

second annual Business Performance Survey carried out on behalf of Bristol
Private Equity Club has revealed the impact the club’s investments have had on
the wider Bristol economy and jobs market. 

are 80 successful entrepreneurs and business people investing their own capital
through the club. Since it was founded three years ago a total of £6 million
has been invested into 19 businesses in the area to support their growth. 

survey looks at how the investments benefit the wider business community and
shows that a total of £8 million has been spent locally by those businesses,
including wages.  

are now a total of 176 people in jobs created in businesses
that have been supported by Bristol Private Equity Club, earning in total £5.3
million a year. 

Barnes, the founder of the Bristol Private Equity Club said: “The club only
supports businesses in the greater Bristol area and every investment does not
just support an individual business but helps the whole local economy. 

annual survey looks at that impact. Successful businesses will be paying rates
and tax to support the city’s infrastructure, giving people jobs and money that
they will spend locally and spending with other local businesses. 

“Of course some of these businesses have received funding from other
sources but it is exciting to see people who have been successful in Bristol
re-invest in the city and support others with business ideas. Many of the
companies that have received funding are technology businesses at the leading
edge of tomorrow’s innovations. 

have potential for fast growth and as well as money are receiving support and
advice from our investors, who are pleased to be passing on their knowledge and

Issued on behalf of Bristol Private Equity Club by Empica.