BPEC Seed is a group within BPEC that considers potential investment in early-stage companies (usually SEIS qualifying and ideally advanced assurance approved).



Written Application

Initial written application, providing BPEC Seed with an initial set of requested documents. An initial assessment is taken to establish suitability.



Live Presentation

Personal live presentation (either by video or in person, when appropriate).



Due Diligence

Due Diligence and recommendations to the investor group.


As there are costs and expenses for administration and legal fees, BPEC does request a 5% commission from deposited funds if the application is successful. BPEC only invoices once funds have been deposited.


1. As a group of potential investors, we may be able to fulfil your initial funding requirement and enable you to focus on your business, rather than continue the time-consuming task of sourcing further investment.

2. Additional resources are being considered to help support and ease business growth, e.g., discounted legal platform access, office accessibility, mentoring, board advisors.

3. A potential fast-track to further funding from BPEC when appropriate.

4. BPEC have a strong record of supporting investments through subsequent rounds

Phase 1 – Initial Application

Applications for investment should include the items below (where possible):

1. Pitch deck

2. Business plan which includes:

a. Description of all products and services

b. 3 year forecast

c. Financial information (e.g. burn rate €/month)

d. Business Model

e. Team CVs and Organizational chart

3. Proof of traction (customer information, sales references, letters of intent etc.)

4. Term Sheet

5. Supplier or significant partnerships information

6. Investment documentation


Importantly, we are looking to support growth opportunities where there is scalability. From

the information you send us, we will want to have a good understanding of:

• Why (the main reasons behind the company)

• The market problem and your solution

• The market opportunity, target market, customer research

• The team

• How much funding is required and at what valuation?

We consider the criteria below:

1. All business opportunities should be considered as viable for future investment

by the wider BPEC membership within 24-36 months. It also needs to have a

suitable ethically sound proposition.

2. The business should have SEIS/EIS advance assurance in place, or be willing to

confirm this before investment.

3. The business should have, or be willing to have, correct documentation

available regards their business, legal, planning, research, IP (if applicable) etc.

4. The ‘reason why’ the founders started the business, their mission, vision and

values. The business idea, feasibility and depth of opportunity.

5. The credibility of the management/founder team:

a. Prior experience

b. Industry sector knowledge

c. Gaps of expertise

d. General demeanour (confidence, leadership, character,


e. Are the founders capable of personal growth with the business needs

6. Any existing incubators, advisors, investors and mentors

7. The potential for scalability, at least for the UK, if not further.

8. The market opportunity and environment

a. Market knowledge, who buys and why

b. Geography (if applicable)

c. What makes the busines unique and sticky

d. Competitor overview

9. The IP situation and business protection (against competitors)

10. Credibility of business, development and financial plan, vision of future

investment requirements (including burn rate) and the potential exit strategies.

11. The quality of the business structure (Limited company, records etc.)

12. The financial proposition for investment (share price and valuation)

Please forward documentation to Peter Lockett, BPEC Seed coordinator –, or your prime BPEC contact.

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