A Bristol-based business that is developing smartphone
software that will help in the monitoring of eye health has received £225,000
in investment funds from a group of established business people in the city.

Thirteen successful entrepreneurs, who are members of
Bristol Private Equity Club have provided the funds for OKKO, which is
developing smartphone software for the home-monitoring of eye health.

Dr. Stephanie Campbell, who co-founded OKKO said: “We are
using the latest technology to change for the better the way that eye
appointments work. Early detection and prompt treatment of eye disease reduces
costs and saves sight.

“Like many hospital services eye departments are completely
overstretched and demand is far outstripping the supply of eye doctors and
specialists. Currently, no reliable and safe home-monitoring technology exists,
so all eye disease monitoring appointments must be done in person at the
clinic. OKKO’s smartphone technology will allow patients to safely home-monitor
their sight and to avoid visits to hospital until necessary.”  

OKKO’s technology creates brand new sets of big data about
vision – their data could soon drive new insights into eye health.

The funding from Bristol Private Equity Club will allow the
team at OKKO to take the technology they have developed through early clinical testing
and continue to build the growing team.

Jerry Barnes, founder of Bristol Private Equity Club said:
“Our members are keen to support innovation and technology in Bristol and to
help businesses with a great idea to scale up. The fact that 13 experienced
business people with a lifetime of success behind them have backed OKKO speaks
for itself.

“Stephanie and her team have both a brilliant and practical idea
and are working hard to make their technology product a reality in a tough
market. It shows how Bristol is a pioneering city when it comes to the use of
technology. Digital health is receiving huge global investment at present, and
we’re delighted to invest in a start-up focussed in one of the fastest growing areas
of medicine.”

Corporate Solicitors acted for BPEC in the deal. BPEC now has 85
successful entrepreneurs and business people from the Bristol area with capital
to invest as club members. In three years the club has invested more
than £6 million into 20 different businesses. 

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Issued on behalf of Bristol Private Equity Club by Empica